Thai Pastry restaurant ( uptown )

Healthy Thai Cuisine
4925  N.  BRoadway unit E
Chicago, Il.60640

Tel. 773-784-5399

Critic's Reviews

Chicago Magazine: Great Dining 2000, by Jill Rohde
"Prettily decorated in soft pink natural wood, and a variety of authentic handicrafts, the tidy spot offers alluring rainbow-hued sweets, which beckon from a display case near the door."

Chicago Reader: July 2000, by Laura Levy Shatkin
"Inside, the extensive menu is just as enticing, full of offerings like baby egg rolls with minced shrimp; Mee krob, crispy vermicelli in a sweet plum sauce; and kuchai, pillows of freshly rolled rice noodles stuffed with chive greens in a sweet and spicy rice vinegar sauce. The pad lad na is a wonderful dish of wide, flat noodles in a classic dark sauce with shrimp and broccoli ."

Chicago Tribune Review: 4 Forks. November 2000, by Kristin Eddy
"There is an even more vibrant style here, which should help as Thai Pastry competes for business with other Asian restaurants in the busy Argyle Street neighborhood."
"The real Thai triumph is the startlingly realistic miniature "fruits" made of sweetened bean paste ($4). These sweets show real care and artistry, a reminder of what to expect from the kitchen in this welcome addition to the Thai restaurant scene."

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"Amidst cozy and classy interiors , they serve authentic Thai cuisine, acretive combination of delicate herbs & distinctive spices, fresh ingredients and delicious taste plus selections of homemade Thai pastry.

Zagat: Recommended by Zagat Magazine

Micheline Award 2014